About Me

I don’t think that I’m necessarily meant to be in a relationship.

There are days when the idea of being one half of a couple sounds idyllic.  Roses, stargazing, and chocolate shared by two people over a lifetime – Someone to have your back, push you, and complete you.

That’s what my blog was about for a few years – finding the one.  And that was fun for awhile.

Then I realized, apart from sex – which thanks to modern sex-toy technology I can sometimes go alone at – being in a relationship is overrated.  I’m perfectly willing to surround myself with fragrant flowers that I purchased for myself, look at the stars alone, or indulge in a dark chocolate bar without having to share.  There are days when I just don’t like sharing. There are days when I want to not shower, wear sweatpants – sweatshirt combo, watch hours of Dexter, and not talk to anyone.  In simpler words: there are days when I just need “me-time.” And me-time is sacred.

You don’t fuck with me-time.

So I’m starting to think that instead of writing a blog celebrating the single girl finding romance, I need to focus on the single girl finding herself.  Life isn’t a romantic comedy, as much as my hormones sometimes make me want it to be, and I should’t rely heavily on love just to live my life. And I intend to fully live my life and find love in my own way.

If I find love, great.  If I don’t, still great.  All I know is that  I’m in a committed relationship with myself, till death do I part, and for now, that’s all I need.

6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. hehe I’m also here because of the link on your profile on NaNoWriMo, which i came across because of the 30 covers 30 days thing. I thought your synopsis was the best one, but I saw that you stopped on day 6 😦

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