A single Maddog.


His name was Maddog.

That should be the end.

But it was St. Patrick’s Day and I was drunk – which means it was only the beginning.  

I’ve been viewing Maddog as the beginning of an era.  This time in my life I am dubbing: Grown Up Fun Time (GUFT). This is a big time in my life because, for the first time, I’ve been finding that I’m actually okay with making reckless decisions when it comes to just about everything in my life – including boys.  Seriously, this is a big moment for my introverted self.

But really, guys, can someone please just give me a “I’m proud of you”?

I’m proud of you! 

Thanks, self.

You’re welcome.

Anyways, it’s been a good few weeks since St. Patty’s Day – not because of all those imaginary boys lining up outside of my door – but because of all the fun I’ve had as I’ve become more carefree in my GUFT years.

So, who’s Maddog? Maddog is a man who walked into my bar, bought me a drink, and let me make out with him all around my hometown.  He didn’t care about my no sex rule.  He didn’t care.  He just wanted to have a good time.

(And can we just talk about the bragging rights that come with making out with a guy named “Maddog”? I feel like I get some semblance of street-cred with that one).

Easy enough.

Have a good time.

I think I might enjoy the GUFT years.

A single return to blogging.


I’m back!

That’s right, just like the walk of shame, I’m returning with my purse between my legs; ashamed of my absence or my perpetual stint in singledom, I’m not sure which but, either way, I’m back.

So get ready, folks, because I have some blogging to make up.

But until I get really rarin’ to go here’s the last year in review presented, in true Single Blog fashion, as a Top 10 List.

The Top 10 Things You Missed While I Was Away
10. I stopped flinging myself after guys that didn’t really like me.

9. Then I started doing it again.

8.  But then I really stopped that, for real.

7. I made friends with guys and then stayed friends with them.

6.  I realized that OkCupid was skeezier than I originally anticipated.

5. Re-watched the entire Game of Thrones series and became extra obsessed with Tyrion Lannister.

4. I drank and started using OkCupid again (but only secretly).

3. I had a run in with my ex-boyfriend from high school.

2. Started appreciating myself as a single lady and deleted all the boys’ phone numbers that were toxic.

1. Left a bar with a man named Maddog.

See? there’s a lot for review.  But I foresee an entire lifetime of single-living so we have plenty of time to catch-up! Let me know what you want to hear about the most and I’ll start with that!