A single case of love ADD.


There’s a 99.56% chance that I have ADD. Here’s why:

  • Can’t concentrate on one thing for long periods of time. 
  • Lord knows I can’t sit still. 
  • And if there is a shiny thing in the room then forget about it – You lost me the moment I saw a glimmer in the distance.

Thing is, my ADD applies to all parts of my life, including my love life.

I’m convinced that I can’t stay interested in the same boy for more than few months at the most.  It’s often the case that more than one boy has caught my interest at any given time.  I like variety.  I like bouncing back and forth between different prospects.

It could be argued that, yes, I might just be indecisive and generally like the smörgåsbord that I have created for myself but I think that still can be played up to my Love ADD problem.  

New, shiny men intrigue me (or special moments distract me).  I jump, hop and skip from one crush to the next because apparently my adderall isn’t a strong enough dosage. 

Like I said, Love ADD.  

And that other guy glimmer is not only horribly distracting but also ruining any chances that I might have at being in a relationship.  I can’t focus on one guy long enough to make a real relationship start because I constantly feel like there could be something better out there.  I almost always have two guys at once that I’m interestested in.

Maybe it’s a rational thing, though.  For instance, right now, I like one guy both on a physical and emotional level while I like another guy on a strictly emotional level.  And I think that I do this to ensure that I can find the best of both worlds until I can find one that fits both worlds the best.    It will be a long journey, I’m sure, but maybe I’m ensuring myself happiness.

But then again, I’m almost certain I’m just unable to sit with one man for more than a few weeks. 

Love ADD.


100% sure that I’ve got that one.

A single type.


At my elementary school, when you leave 5th grade and move on to the horrors of middle school, you are given a yearbook to go back to after a hard day of 7th grade, when you’re just feeling so awkward.

Now, I couldn’t even tell you where my copy has been the last decade, so, when I happened upon my friend Katie’s yearbook while sitting in her room drinking sparkling wine, there was no doubt in my mind that I would sit on the floor and begin perusing

I flipped past fairly familiar faces and places.  Old jokes came surging back as we reminded each other of all the memories that were tucked inside of this book.  Then we came across the “can you imagine ” section.  “Can you image Katie getting sick?” Why, yes, we can.  Who came up with these? Then we found mine: “Can you ever imagine Olivia not being good at chess?”

If you couldn’t tell, I’m a bit of a nerd – I was a bit of a nerd even back then.  Need further proof? My ambitions in this yearbook was to be a “stargazer.”  Yup.  Stargazer.  Not astronomer, stargazer.  Not only was I a nerd but I was a weird variety of nerd.  The other nerds could have made fun of me, they didn’t, but they would have had every right to do so.

My nerdy ways are probably the driving force behind why I always go after the nerdy guys (cough, cough, Brandon, cough) even back then.  Looking at my old, fifth grade class I realized that not only did I end up dating three boys from this fifth grade class when we were in middle school and high school but I also realized that I dated the three biggest nerds that my class would ever know.

This is not to say that these guys were bad guys.  They were all sweet boys and wonderful boyfriends.  But they were nerds all the same.  And, in the end, they didn’t work out.

Partly these relationships failed because, in high school, I was a special brand of crazy (I blame hormones – it was like I PMS’ed on alternating days) but the other part that failed these relationships came from the fact that I don’t seem to mesh well with nerds in the long run.Maybe I need a blend of nerd and non-nerd, a hybrid, if you will.  Do they make those? Or I need to try a new type of boy entirely: Jock-boy? Frat-boy? Homeboy?

I have options.  I just need to figure out exactly what it is I’m looking for and then look for the exact opposite.  I probably should stop picking up boys at GameStop or Magic Tournaments to start.

The only way that I can justify my going into a relationship with a nerd, from here on out, is if I end up marrying a computer science-y man for money (English Majors don’t have money, Computer Science Majors do).  I’ll bake for him and he’ll buy me a house – fair trade, right?

Can you imagine Olivia not dating a nerd?

Yes, I can.