5 Famous Men I Would Strip For If They Walked Into the Room

There are times when I watch a movie or TV show and think to myself: Self, if that man walked into this room right now I would strip off everything because HOT DAMN! 

And since I have these thoughts (and since I have a blog and need to tell you all everything that crosses through my mind) I have decided to give you my top 5 guys that I would immediately get naked for if they crossed my path.
5. Seth Rogen:
Funny guys are hot.  Seth is already hot and happens to be funny which just makes him damn fine.

4. Barack Obama:

If the president walks into a room by himself then you immediately take off your clothes.  There are bragging rights to be had.  Sorry Michele.

3. Robert Irvine:
He can cook and is jacked.  

2. Seth Meyers:
Someday I will actually meet Seth.  I will.  I won’t just know he’s hanging around my hometown and not stalk him.  Like I said, funny guys are hot.

1. Liam Neeson: 
He’ll get your heart racing in any thriller he’s in and get your heart racing the moment he walks in the door.  

Photo From: http://www.filmbuffonline.com/FBOLNewsreel/

A single friend.

There is a sixth dimension which is known to all single men and women.  It is a dimension as vast as space and timeless as infinity.  It is the middle ground between loneliness and closeness, between friendship and relationship, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge.  This is the dimension of friendship.
It is an area we call the Friend Zone.

I’ve been thinking about the Friend Zone lately.  I’ve been thinking of all the times I’ve been placed there and all the times my friends have had their fates sealed away there as well.

The Friend Zone is a lot like the Island of Misfit Toys.  Those who are almost right for the job but just don’t meet all the standards of a person are sent to the zone.  It’s not that you’re never going to be wanted, after all the Misfit Toys eventually are loved by children everywhere, it’s just that you’re not right for that individual.

But the Friend Zone hurts initially.

“Let’s just be friends.”  Ouch.

After that horrible sentence is uttered then the shock flushes through you: Am I undatable? Is there something wrong with me? Can no one love this water pistol that shoots jelly?
Being in the Friend Zone leaves you totally helpless – you can’t say “no” to the Friend Zone without becoming the jerk. How do you tell someone that you were really only spending all that time with them because you were hoping it would pay off with them in the end?You just can’t do that.But luckily you can have other misfits in the Friend Zone with you.

So, look around.  Maybe you’ll find someone that fits your standards in the discard pile that is the Friend Zone.   Even if they aren’t perfect, even if they are an elephant with pink polka dots, they might be what you’re looking for.  And if they aren’t what you are looking for you can just Friend Zone them yourself and get a little satisfaction that you’re on the other end of things for once.

Welcome to the Friend Zone, friend.

A single text.


Texting is not something I enjoy – I do it because it’s one of the few ways I can communicate with the people in my generation.  I can’t text quickly,  I still don’t understand T9 and don’t expect me to ever text you back if I’m walking somewhere.

That being said,  I sometimes have to text boys that I’ve met online and usually I don’t mind it.  I usually don’t mind it, that is, until I started texting Alex last week.

Alex had a lot of promise online so I gave him my number so that we could talk a little more frequently.  Big mistake on my part.

It was going well until we were having a late night chat and I fell asleep.  I woke up to over 20 texts the next morning.  20? Seriously? And, since he made a fool of himself, I decided to share it with you – his idiocy is your entertainment.

A: So what are you up to tomorrow
A: Do you have class
A: I bet you get bored in class
(On occasion)
A: Are you tired
(Of you? Yes.)
A: Im tired
A: Did you fall asleep

A: Youre not answering 
(You should follow your instincts – Your text before this was a good guess)
A: Did I do something
A: You must of fallen asleep
A: Its pretty late
A: I cant blame you
A: Definitely going to bed soon
(Good, It’s pretty late)
A: Am I hungry right now
A: Just made some nachos 
A: Do you like Mexicans 
(I’m assuming he meant Mexican but I do like both)
A: I do.
A: Mmmm nachos
(Yes, nachos are satisfying.)
A: Youre easy to talk to
A: I feel like I could talk to you all night without getting bored
(I fell asleep – obviously the feelings aren’t mutual)
A: Alright bed
A: Alex out
(Out of what? Do you have something to tell me, sir?)

Alex and I were supposed to go out on Friday – I put an end to that real quick.  
Like I said, I don’t enjoy texting.